New Site Launch Guide!

Your client's new site is ready to go, and now it's time to get it the visibility it deserves. Here are a few ideas to make an impact.

  1. 1) Step back, and do a final review to make sure the content is perfect.

  2. 2) Add the site to the Google Search Console

    Verify the site by putting the verification code in in the header

  3. 3) Submit your sitemap to the google search console

    Submit your sitemap. The link to your automatically generated sitemap is:
    [site name]/sitemap.xml

  4. 4) Setup Google Analytics to track traffic stats

    • 1. Add your site to google analytics

    • 2. Pro Tip - setup automated monthly reports to be sent to your client. Under the Audience tab (and most others), click the "Share" link, and you can select a frequency.

  5. 5) Ensure the business is listed on Google local

  6. 6) Provide your client an email template announcing the launch of the new site to their contacts

    • Pro Tip - do that blast for them as part of your marketing services.

  7. 7) Provide your client an email template to solicit reviews from their customers

  8. 8) Announce the site on the client's facebook page, and your agency's social media

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